Segmentation fault

Li Guangdong a16164 at
Thu Aug 10 16:52:34 EST 2000

Hi All,

When we run a GUI program on Hard Hat Linux(CDK1.0) on RPX-lite, it always
crashes with the message "Segmentation fault" or "Aborted" on the console
after manipulating the GUI windows for some time. It seems that something
wrong with the malloc() and free() functions.

And we found that, if malloc() (or __libc_malloc) is called continuously, it
seems OK. But if malloc() is called after freeing some previously allocated
blocks using free() (or __libc_free), we always get the message
"Segmentation fault".

By the way, this GUI program is built with g++ and "-static" option.

Could you please give your advice on this problem?


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