Matthew Locke mlocke at mvista.com
Tue Aug 8 03:42:31 EST 2000

Frank Przybylski wrote:
> Hi all,
> I plan to use QMC on SCC1 plus SPI on a MPC855T / 860DT for an ISDN BRI
> implementation. I also need I2C for other purposes.
> Following the QMCSUPPLEMENT/AD manual from Motorola I found that one looses
> either I2C using SCC1 for QMC/Ethernet or SPI using SCC2 for QMC/Ethernet.
> I hoped that the I2C/SPI micro code patch would do the trick. But scanning this
> mailing list archive I got aware of troubles with this, or even worse that the
> patch has been removed from the kernel.
> So my question goes like this:
>  has anybody managed to use I2C, SPI and QMC on SCC1 altogether, or am I lost
> without any hope?

I have successfully used SPI with ethernet on SCC2 with the microcode
patch. However, I did that on a 823, I haven't tried it on the 855/860.
I think I have used the i2c driver with the microcode patch on a 860,
but don't quote me.  This was all on the Embedded Planet boards.

Matthew Locke
Montavista Software

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