Usb slave API

Nguyen Xuan Hoang hoang_nguyen at
Sun Aug 6 06:03:02 EST 2000

Thank you very much for your reply.

> > > From my understanding the usb slave driver (not host) was done for
> > > and MPC850, but I can't  find where it is
> As Dan said, hopefully the annoucement will happen soon.

I am glad to know that.

> > >  nor what is the API for it (In
> > > official linux kernel there's a API  for USB host function). Am I
right or
> > > too stupid?  I hope some people in this maillist can give a point.
> Which kernel are you looking in?  USB support in the 2.2 kernel isn't
> very stable. 2.4 has a very nice implementation and I think you can find
> backports to the 2.2.  However backports are not always stable.

I thought MVista is going to release 2.2.14 with USB support so I plan to
use 2.2.14 with backport

> Basically the kernel provides slave (peripheral) drivers for the basic
> peripheral classes, printer, scanner, mouse, keyboard, etc.  look in
> drivers/usb for those files to use as examples.

If I am not wrong, these are the driver in host mode. I am looking for tha
API when MPC823 configure as usb slave, which can connect to PC (like Kodak
DC290 using MPC823).

Is the Slave and Host API the same? I am very supprised  if that' correct.


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