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Dan dung_nguyen at
Fri Aug 4 00:48:23 EST 2000

Hi Friends,

I am Dan Nguyen, I just work with Linux PCC.
Could you help me (if I am wrong, please show me
the right address mailling list, thanks!

 - How to check memory safe when running application?
- I want find the program look like check_mem, that I can
check usaged memory before and after running an application.
I feel /proc/infomem can not say me my application has leak
mem. I used mpr, but I want to know other tools.
- When does dynamic loaded library was removed from memory?
- Can we remove dynamic library on demand?
- How to check a specified dynamic lib stay on memory or not?
- I make a big program with many functions, it not fit on small
memory (my Embedded Linux only have 4 MB RAM and no swap),
I intend design it as follows:
 + main program will manage all function: main_app
 + Write each function as shared library (ex:,, ...
 + If main program need that function, then it will loaded into memory.

 Now I don't know which way to best:
 1. link main_app and,, ...
 2. call explicit function in main_app.c, only using -ldl

 Thanks for your concerning.

Dan Nguyen

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