Questions on the MPC8xx-2.3.10 realease.

Marcus Sundberg erammsu at
Mon Sep 27 20:17:26 EST 1999

sébastien tadéoni wrote:
> According to Dan, it seems to be tooo difficult to
> cross compile on a host pentium machine (I begin to be
> mainly agree with him),so I'm going to obtain a
> powermac station.
> However I would like to know before if someone has
> already succeeded to build a zImage or zImage.initrd
> configured for a MPC860 MBX board on a host pentium
> (II 400) station?

I build all PPC-Linux stuff on a ix86 PII - kernels and user-space
stuff. Recently only for a custom board, but previously I've built
MBX, ADS and FADS kernels.

There's nothing special about cross-compiling from ix86-->PPC, except
the cross compiling itself. If you haven't built a cross-compiler
before I suggest you have a look at:

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