mpc8xx-2.3.10 configuration questions.

Dan Malek dan at
Fri Sep 17 11:47:56 EST 1999

Graham Stoney wrote:

> > I pretty sure I got it right in the 2.3.18 kernel.
> I'm using the linux-2.3.18 snapshot kernel from the ftp site, which has it
> wrong I'm afraid.

Damn it!  I forgot to check it in and I don't have the new version
here at home with me.  I'll fix this and add the Ericsson updates,
make sure it works on the Classic and CLLF.

> I've reconfigured/recompiled my kernel for the Classic, but it sounds like it
> won't Just Work(tm).

The Classic should work, I just never finished all of the FEC
when I got stalled on the CLLF.  If anyone has a Classic, there is
a zero ohm resistor that must be installed to get the MII interrupt
to Port C.  I'll document this, too.

> ...I'm happy to alpha test any mods you're working on;

Oh, you will :-).

	-- Dan

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