Bug Discovered in Binutils/GCC for PPC403

Grant Erickson grant at lcse.umn.edu
Fri Oct 29 03:31:02 EST 1999

For those of you working with the TiVo Linux sources, I discovered bug in
binutils- and binutils- that results in the following
sorts of error:

foobar.c: Assembler messages:
foobar.c:7868: Error: junk at end of line: `28'

It appears that the assembler has the incorrect definition for the
'dcread' instruction:

In the file binutils-, the definition is as

{ "dcread",  X(31,486), XRT_MASK,       PPC403,         { RA, RB } },

However, according to the IBM PowerPC 403GCX manual the definition is:

	dcread RT,RA,RB

The patch to fix this is:

{ "dcread",  X(31,486), X_MASK, 	PPC403,         { RT, RA, RB } },

Patch the ppc-opc.c file and rebuild binutils and you're back on your way.
Otherwise, just comment out the offending line of code, such as:

	asm("dcread %0,0,%1" : "=r" (tag) : "r" (p));

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