TiVo Kernel for 403GCX Update (was Re: Support for IBM CPUs?)

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sat Oct 23 17:55:33 EST 1999

In message <Pine.SGI.4.10.9910222012050.46619-100000 at brule.lcse.umn.edu>
Grant Erickson wrote:
> I've made some progress since Wednesday with the TiVo source code. As I
> too difficult. I've got some preliminary stuff done. What is the best
> protocol to follow, submit the patches to the list for general evaluation
> and dissemination or send them to Cort and then everyone call grab them
> from vger?

What are the exact conditions for the sources?  It  would  be  really
nice  to  have  them  on a FTP server for public access.

Because it's technically difficult and expensive to send a check from
Germany to the USA I asked Richard Bullwinkle (the guy at TiVo who is
distributing the CDs) about putting the sources on a FTP server,  and
he  said  he  would  try to, but it "will take a few weeks". This was
more than a month ago.

Maybe we can solve this  problem  by  putting  them  somewhere  else?
Richard, any objections about this?

> Anyone else out there call up TiVo and get their source code yet?

Yes, me. But it seems the check got lost in the mail. I've resent it,
but snail mail between Germany and USA takes some time :-(

Wolfgang Denk

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