glibc........ memory limitations.... ideas?

Epicom epicom at
Thu Oct 21 23:50:07 EST 1999

kd at wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a small question...
> We are developing an embedded solution as most of the people here on the
> list. This means that we (or at least I) are limited be the amount of
> available memory in the units.
> We for example are limited by a 2 MB flash chip that might someday be 4MB.
> In maybe 1.2MB of this chip I can stuff applications that need to run on
> the device.
> A statically linked application (with glibc) is arround 300KB (250KB
> -450KB).  which means that I can stuff maybe 3-4 statically linked
> applications in the flash.
> The othre option is to link the applications dinamically to glibc and
> stdlibc++. is around 4 MB and stdlibc++ is around 2.5 MB. So

Have you stripped them?, libc is only 1 Mb if you run strip in it.
It is still too big for 2Mb, but it can fit well in 4Mb of flash.

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