/dev/watchdog for onchip MPC860 watchdog?

Jeff Millar jeff at wa1hco.mv.com
Wed Oct 20 11:56:38 EST 1999

I've also been thinking about this...

If the boot process goes bad, then the interrupt driven watchdog will
keep getting reset and prevent the watchdog from firing...leading to a
unrecoverable hang.  So, what's the likely hood of the boot process
going bad?

Our application requires downloading new kernels and applications and this
increase the likely hood that a kernel fails to complete the boot process.

This idea has a window of vunerability but how much and how likely???

Maybe the timer can be set longer than the longest bootup time or at least
until the first daemon gets going?


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> Graham Stoney wrote:
> > .... The watchdog can't
> > be disabled/reenabled, and its maximum period is only a couple of
> > there's no guarantee that the kernel will have booted and loaded the
> > application by then, so the watchdog is likely to go off during the boot
> > process. I think this probably puts my plans to use it on hold for
> Maybe not.  I was thinking about this (when I should have been doing
> other things :-) earlier today.  What we could do when the internal
> watchdog is configured is to service it during the Linux timer
> interrupt when an application doesn't have it "enabled".  This
> doesn't provide a watchdog service, just ensures it doesn't
> unexpectedly expire.  When an application decides it wants the
> watchdog, we don't service it in the timer ISR.
> We would have to litter the boot code with some service calls,
> like when you wait at the Linux boot prompt, and make sure
> you can uncompress and enable timer interrupts before the next
> expiration.  Beyond that, we wouldn't have to look for any
> watchdog service points in the kernel.
> I may play with it later tonight........
> -- Dan

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