Support for IBM CPU's ?

Grant Erickson grant at
Thu Oct 14 15:13:20 EST 1999

I've now verified through both the web and a friend who just bought a TiVo
box, that it does indeed use the PowerPC 403GCX.

You can see the PowerPC 403GCX pretty clearly in both the first photo and
in one of the close-up shots further down the page at:

So, clearly TiVo is operating in the mode I suspect a lot of companies are
doing right now: port Linux to a new board/platform but don't tell anyone
about it or release the code back to the developer community for
competitive reasons.

A few phone calls to their technical support people didn't get me very far
on getting access to the Linux kernel source code. Anyway else aside from
Wolfgang had any luck?

Cobalt has released the code for their Qube, right? I recall seeing it in
the 2.3.x tree.

So, am I then not wasting my effort on a 403GCX porting effort when TiVo
is already there?

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