BUGboot 0.2 - Boot Linux from flash on Moto boards

Matt Porter mporter at eng.mcd.mot.com
Fri Oct 1 06:45:14 EST 1999

I've released my bugboot package at 0.2 since it doesn't look like PPCBUG
will have residual data support in the RB facility any time soon.  This
adds a horrible kludge to copy  a residual data tree included in the
flash image.

What is it?

It's a simple tool and bootloader that creates a flashable image from a
Linux kernel/initrd and a dump of a residual data tree.  This image is
flashed onto any Motorola PowerPlus board 4/8/16 MB flash bank and then
Linux is booted from the flash.  This works on 
MVME23xx/24xx/26xx/27xx/36xx/46xx, MCPx750, and MTX variants.

Available at http://members.home.net/mmporter/linux/

Matt Porter                                   Motorola Computer Group
mporter at mcg.mot.com                           CIBU Linux Support

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