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Christian Batt Christian.Batt at
Mon Nov 29 21:58:15 EST 1999

-->  Hello Sorin and Evan,
-->  I have the 2.2.5 kernel running on an 823FADS. I will send you a
snapshot of
-->  the arch directory.
-->  Sorin Balea wrote:
-->  > Hello all
-->  >
-->  > Almost same situation here, except that I have a 860 FADS...
-->  > So i would like to ask for any help possible (code, docs,
advices, etc)
-->  > Best regards
-->  >
-->  > Sorin
-->  \>


We have almost the same situation here too and we have been fighting
FADS 823 and
FADS 860 boards with 2.2.p7 and 2.2.13 and a small ramdisk (no NFS boot
to begin with).
But so far the board won  :-(

We would greatly appreciate a copy of your (2.2.5) arch directory, along
with your
.config file. Did anybody manage to run linux on a FADS with a RamDisk ?

And any other info you believe appropriate. We will keep you posted.

Thank you very much

Best regards,


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