Linux ppc newbie boot sequense

Dan Malek dmalek at
Tue Nov 23 09:59:40 EST 1999

Francois Guimond wrote:

> I am trying to install a linux kernel on MPC8240 cpu in a limited flash
> space.
> (Motorola sandpoint evaluation platform 512kb flash 32MB ram and dink32
> software)

OK, I guess it is time to post what I have.  This is kinda, sorta running.

> I have got a PPC zImage compiled.

Unless you make a few changes in arch/ppc/kernel, including creating
some 8240 specific start up functions, it won't matter where you
place the First Instruction :-).

> Because there is no CPM  in it, I wanted to postpone the networking
> features.
> It means no root over nfs...

No, this works fine with a PCI Ethernet card.

Since the 8240/Sandpoint has such a small flash rom, it is your
only choice.  There isn't room to store a Linux kernel or compressed
ram disk.  You have to download the kernel over the serial port and
use diskless NFS.  Even though it has a standard IDE and floppy
interface, there are no provisions in Dink to load an image from
these.......Guess it is time to write yet another Linux flash rom.

	-- Dan

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