IDE on MBX board

Dan Malek dmalek at
Tue Nov 23 03:56:30 EST 1999

Neil Blackwood wrote:

> I have used this with MBX821 . It at least seems to see the disk during
> boot.
> I haven't tried partitioning it yet. It only seems to work on 2.2.5. Every
> kernel later seems broken

That's a good point.....To follow up on my last message, if you want
to try IDE on MBX, use a 2.2.x kernel that I have not updated :-).  That
is, use the stuff in the CVS tree, not something I have as a tar
image on

I really do want to get this correct.  It is likely to happen when
I finish the pcmcia-cs for the 8xx, as that will use the standard IDE
(with appropriate 8xx modifications) for the ATA Flash.

	-- Dan

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