configuring swap on a diskless mpc860 embedded target

Kenneth Johansson ken at
Fri Nov 19 20:50:12 EST 1999

A question:
    Have you ever swapped over nfs on any linux system?  I don't think it

The only way I know of is using the network block device and a patch to make
swapping over that work.

Jim Chapman wrote:

> Is anyone using an NFS-mounted swap file on an mpc860 diskless system?
> I created a swap file on the embedded target using
> dd if=/dev/zero of=/SWAPFILE bs=1k count=8192
> mkswap /SWAPFILE
> But when I try to enable swapping using "swapon /SWAPFILE", linux
> complains that it can't find a swap signature in the file. I've looked

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