LinuxEmbedded: minimal network system packages.

Brendan Simon bsimon at
Fri Nov 12 18:15:21 EST 1999

Sebastien HUET wrote:

> Brendan Simon wrote:
> > Things I think I need are :
> > * init
> > * mount (do I NEED this ?)
> > * ifconfig (do I NEED this ?)
> > * inet
> > * ftp, http, snmp and telnet software.
> Hi,
> the bootdisk howto is a good way to learn how a linux config starts.

I've got a basic understanding of how things startup.  Use of init or
/linuxrc and shell scripts, etc.  I don't have the binaries and want to
be able to compile the binaries from the sources.

I need to know what packages I NEED and where to find the sources for
them.  RedHat and Debian supply all the sources for the releases.  I
have been to the LinuxPPC mirror and also found RPM sources.  I am
currently looking at these these packages are put together by the
vendors and they must get the sources from somewhere else.  eg. where is
the orignal site for "mount" ?  I prefer to use a tarball than some
proprietry distribution package.

Brendan Simon.

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