LinuxEmbedded: minimal network system packages.

Brendan Simon bsimon at
Fri Nov 12 09:30:47 EST 1999

I've just managed to get LinuxPPC (embedded-2.2.5 kernel) to boot on my
custom MPC860 board using the initrd boot method.  I haven't got the
nfs-root working yet but I imagine this shouldn't present too many

I want to be able to run FTP (client only), HTTP server, SNMP agent and
TELNET server.
What packages do I need to compile (cross-compile) to get these working

Things I think I need are :
* init
* mount (do I NEED this ?)
* ifconfig (do I NEED this ?)
* inet
* ftp, http, snmp and telnet software.

Any pointers to documentation about getting a minimal embedded networked
system up and running.

Brendan Simon.

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