MBX860 mbxroot.min problem.

Dan Malek dmalek at jlc.net
Tue Nov 9 16:09:51 EST 1999

Peter Brown wrote:
> I'm attempting to boot an MBX860 card using the mbxroot.min.tgz filesystem.

Other than this is all pretty old, it looks like it should boot fine.

> .....  When the NFS mount is attempted, the IP address of the NFS server
> appears to be corrupted from what was used before.

I don't understand what you mean by "corrupted".  The kernel used
the board configuration exactly.  Unless you manually enter a different
boot configuration line, the Linux/PPC boot assumes you are using the
same server the provided the kernel.

> ....  I've successfully executed
> the NFS mount on another network using the server address and MBX
> address

So, you have proven this works when the server is configured properly......

> ....  What would cause the boot arguments to be changed from
> the Program Load settings?

I don't understand what you mean.  Everything looks fine.

	-- Dan

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