Recent Power changes and stack_trace_save_tsk_reliable?

Joe Lawrence joe.lawrence at
Thu Sep 21 23:22:47 AEST 2023

On 9/21/23 08:26, Michael Ellerman wrote:
> Petr Mladek <pmladek at> writes:
>> On Wed 2023-08-30 17:47:35, Joe Lawrence wrote:
>>> On 8/30/23 02:37, Michael Ellerman wrote:
>>>> Michael Ellerman <mpe at> writes:
>>>>> Joe Lawrence <joe.lawrence at> writes:
>>>>>> We noticed that our kpatch integration tests started failing on ppc64le
>>>>>> when targeting the upstream v6.4 kernel, and then confirmed that the
>>>>>> in-tree livepatching kselftests similarly fail, too.  From the kselftest
>>>>>> results, it appears that livepatch transitions are no longer completing.
> ...
>>>> The diff below fixes it for me, can you test that on your setup?
>>> Thanks for the fast triage of this one.  The proposed fix works well on
>>> our setup.  I have yet to try the kpatch integration tests with this,
>>> but I can verify that all of the kernel livepatching kselftests now
>>> happily run.
>> Have this been somehow handled, please? I do not see the proposed
>> change in linux-next as of now.
> I thought I was waiting for Joe to run the kpatch integration tests, but
> in hindsight maybe he was hinting that someone else should run them (ie. me) ;)
> Patch incoming.

Ah sorry for the confusion.  kpatch integration tests - that's on me.
If kernel stack unwinding is fixed, I'm pretty confident they will
execute.  I will kick them off today, but don't let that hold up the
kernel patches.


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