[PATCH 0/2] arch: Sync all syscall tables with 2 newly added system calls

Sohil Mehta sohil.mehta at intel.com
Thu Sep 14 05:32:31 AEST 2023

On 9/11/2023 11:02 AM, Sohil Mehta wrote:
> Sohil Mehta (2):
>   tools headers UAPI: Sync fchmodat2() syscall table entries

I now see a patch by Arnaldo that does something similar:

Also, it states that:

"The tools/perf/check-headers.sh script, part of the tools/ build
process, points out changes in the original files.

So its important not to touch the copies in tools/ when doing changes in
the original kernel headers, that will be done later, when
check-headers.sh inform about the change to the perf tools hackers."

I was unaware of this and therefore I'll drop all the tools/ related
changes from this series.


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