[PATCH v3] fsl_ucc_hdlc: process the result of hold_open()

Denis Kirjanov dkirjanov at suse.de
Fri Sep 1 21:05:59 AEST 2023

On 9/1/23 13:48, Александра Дюпина wrote:
> Thanks for the review!
> 28.08.2023 22:38, Jakub Kicinski пишет:
>> Don't you have to undo all the things done prior to hdlc_open()?
> Yes, it looks like I really need to undo everything that was done before hdlc_open().
> But the question arose - would it be enough to call the uhdlc_close(dev) function?

looks like it is.

> In addition, it seems to me and my colleagues that a call to hdlc_close(dev) should be added to the uhdlc_close() function, similar to the 

yes, take a look at the comment for hdlc_close()

following functions:
> 1. drivers/net/wan/n2.c (n2_close function)
> 2. drivers/net/wan/pc300too.c (pc300_close function)
> 3. drivers/net/wan/pci200syn.c (pci200_close function)
> 4. drivers/net/wan/wanxl.c (wanxl_close function)
> Tell me, please, are we wrong?

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