[EXT] Re: Re: [PATCH v2 1/2] ASoC: dt-bindings: fsl_rpmsg: List DAPM endpoints ignoring system suspend

Chancel Liu chancel.liu at nxp.com
Sat Oct 7 22:13:49 AEDT 2023

> > > This is a fairly standard DSP playback case as far as I can see so
> > > it should work with DAPM without needing this obviously use case
> > > specific stuff peering into the Linux implementation.  Generally
> > > this is done by tagging endpoint widgets and DAIs as ignore_suspend,
> > > DAPM will then figure out the rest of the widgets in the path.
> > Yes, indeed I meant to let driver get DAPM endpoints from the
> "fsl,lpa-widgets"
> > property and then set these endpoints as ignore_suspend if the sound
> > card is running in this use case. Do you think the description for the
> > use case can be simplified since it's a common use case?
> This is a card problem - the driver for rpmsg shouldn't need to worry about it.
> Any bindings extensions should be at the card level rather than in a specific
> driver, we could probably use something in the generic properties that they're
> all using.

Instead of "fsl,lpa-widgets", I would like to add a common property 
"ignore-suspend-widgets" in sound-card-common.yaml file. So not only rpmsg
sound cards but also other sound cards which have such feature can use this
property to define wanted widgets ignoring suspend.
What do you think about that?

Chancel Liu

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