[PATCH v2] powerpc: Don't clobber fr0/vs0 during fp|altivec register save

Michael Ellerman mpe at ellerman.id.au
Wed Nov 22 16:01:50 AEDT 2023

Timothy Pearson <tpearson at raptorengineering.com> writes:
> So a little more detail on this, just to put it to rest properly vs.
> assuming hand analysis caught every possible pathway. :)
> The debugging that generates this stack trace also verifies the following in __giveup_fpu():
> 1.) tsk->thread.fp_state.fpr doesn't contain the FPSCR contents prior to calling save_fpu()
> 2.) tsk->thread.fp_state.fpr contains the FPSCR contents directly after calling save_fpu()
> 3.) MSR_FP is set both in the task struct and in the live MSR.
> Only if all three conditions are met will it generate the trace.  This
> is a generalization of the hack I used to find the problem in the
> first place.
> If the state will subsequently be reloaded from the thread struct,
> that means we're reloading the registers from the thread struct that
> we just verified was corrupted by the earlier save_fpu() call.  There
> are only two ways I can see for that to be true -- one is if the
> registers were already clobbered when giveup_all() was entered, and
> the other is if save_fpu() went ahead and clobbered them right here
> inside giveup_all().
> To see which scenario we were dealing with, I added a bit more
> instrumentation to dump the current register state if MSR_FP bit was
> already set in registers (i.e. not dumping data from task struct, but
> using the live FPU registers instead), and sure enough the registers
> are corrupt on entry, so something else has already called save_fpu()
> before we even hit giveup_all() in this call chain.

Can you share the debug patch you're using?


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