[PATCH 00/17] tty: small cleanups and fixes

Jiri Slaby (SUSE) jirislaby at kernel.org
Tue Nov 21 20:22:41 AEDT 2023

This is a series to fix/clean up some obvious issues I revealed during
u8+size_t conversions (to be posted later).

Cc: "David S. Miller" <davem at davemloft.net>
Cc: Eric Dumazet <edumazet at google.com>
Cc: Ivan Kokshaysky <ink at jurassic.park.msu.ru>
Cc: Jakub Kicinski <kuba at kernel.org>
Cc: Jan Kara <jack at suse.com>
Cc: Laurentiu Tudor <laurentiu.tudor at nxp.com>
Cc: linux-alpha at vger.kernel.org
Cc: linuxppc-dev at lists.ozlabs.org
Cc: linux-usb at vger.kernel.org
Cc: Matt Turner <mattst88 at gmail.com>
Cc: netdev at vger.kernel.org
Cc: Paolo Abeni <pabeni at redhat.com>
Cc: Richard Henderson <richard.henderson at linaro.org>

Jiri Slaby (SUSE) (17):
  tty: deprecate tty_write_message()
  tty: remove unneeded mbz from tiocsti()
  tty: fix tty_operations types in documentation
  tty: move locking docs out of Returns for functions in tty.h
  tty: amiserial: return from receive_chars() without goto
  tty: amiserial: use bool and rename overrun flag in receive_chars()
  tty: ehv_bytecha: use memcpy_and_pad() in local_ev_byte_channel_send()
  tty: goldfish: drop unneeded temporary variables
  tty: hso: don't emit load/unload info to the log
  tty: hso: don't initialize global serial_table
  tty: hvc_console: use flexible array for outbuf
  tty: nozomi: remove unused debugging DUMP()
  tty: srmcons: use 'buf' directly in srmcons_do_write()
  tty: srmcons: use 'count' directly in srmcons_do_write()
  tty: srmcons: make srmcons_do_write() return void
  tty: srmcons: switch need_cr to bool
  tty: srmcons: make 'str_cr' const and non-array

 arch/alpha/kernel/srmcons.c   | 29 +++++++++++++----------------
 drivers/net/usb/hso.c         | 11 -----------
 drivers/tty/amiserial.c       | 10 ++++------
 drivers/tty/ehv_bytechan.c    |  7 +++++--
 drivers/tty/goldfish.c        |  7 ++-----
 drivers/tty/hvc/hvc_console.c |  4 +---
 drivers/tty/hvc/hvc_console.h |  2 +-
 drivers/tty/nozomi.c          | 18 ------------------
 drivers/tty/tty_io.c          |  8 ++++++--
 include/linux/tty.h           | 12 +++++++-----
 include/linux/tty_driver.h    |  5 ++---
 11 files changed, 41 insertions(+), 72 deletions(-)


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