[PATCH 7/8] of: replace command line handling

Rob Herring robh at kernel.org
Fri Nov 17 03:09:36 AEDT 2023

On Thu, Nov 09, 2023 at 05:38:11PM -0800, Daniel Walker wrote:
> Rob Herring has complained about this section of code. I removed the
> command line handling code to the cmdline.h header. This hopefully makes
> it easier for Rob to maintain it (at least he doesn't have to look at it
> directly anymore).

Well, my goal is to eliminate drivers/of/, but no.

> I would like to add a Kconfig option called
> OF_DEPRECATED_CMDLINE which an architecture would set if it uses this code.

Which architecture needs this code? Do we wait and see who complains 
their platform broke and then go set this option? In the meantime, new 
platforms started depending on the new behavior and setting the option 
may break them. So we can't have a kconfig option.

> This would allow a platform to use the cmdline.h and the added function
> directly and remove the Kconfig option. This change would be in a subsequent
> patch.

Per platform code handling the cmdline is completely the wrong 
direction. Per arch behavior is bad enough.


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