[PATCH 1/4] add generic builtin command line

Christophe Leroy christophe.leroy at csgroup.eu
Wed Nov 8 22:33:37 AEDT 2023

Hi Pratyush,

Le 17/10/2023 à 12:40, Pratyush Brahma a écrit :
> Hi Daniel
> We have a usecase which requires this patch necessarily. For android
> usecases, we have two different build variants
> differentiated by defconfigs - production and debug. However, we only
> have a single dts for both these variants.
> We want to enable certain features like page owner and slub debug which
> require cmdline params in addition to
> their respective configs to be enabled. Enabling page_owner and
> slub_debug options in dts file enables it for both
> production and debug variants. These features have significant memory
> overhead which are undesirable for
> our production environment. However, these are necessary for debug
> environment to enable internal testing and debug.
> Currently, android uses out-of-tree configs like CONFIG_CMDLINE_EXTEND
> to do so in gki_defconfig [1].
> One option is to use CMDLINE_FORCE option which would enable these
> cmdline params but this disables the bootloader to add
> any additional cmdline params which may be necessary.
> For such a usecase, the CONFIG_CMDLINE_PREPEND seems to be quite useful
> as it would help to stitch bootloader
> and the desired build variant's configs together. Can you please help to
> merge this patch?

As far as I remember, Daniel's proposal had some weaknesses that were 
never addressed. At that time I proposed an alternative series that was 
addressing most weaknesses, and my series was considered more mature 
that Daniel's one by several maintainers. But I never got enough 
feedback on it in order to finalise and merge it.

Could you have a look at it and tell if it fits your need ? See 

If it does, I can then rebase it on latest kernel and restart 
discussions in order to get it merged.


> [1]
> https://android.googlesource.com/kernel/common/+/refs/heads/android14-6.1-lts/arch/arm64/configs/gki_defconfig#62

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