[Bug 215389] pagealloc: memory corruption at building glibc-2.33 and running its' testsuite

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dmesg (6.3.3, KCSAN, PowerMac G4 DP)

Thanks for taking another look into this Christophe!

Applied the patches on top of 6.3.3 and these are my findings so far:

1. KCSAN works fine on my G4 and passes self tests.
2. It does not generate any additional output when I hit the "pagealloc: memory
3. When setting CONFIG_KCSAN_WEAK_MEMORY=y my G4 won't finish booting. Early
boot works, the screen shows some dmesg but booting gets stuck there never
reaching console. I also don't get any netconsole output with
4. As soon as I set CONFIG_KCSAN_EARLY_ENABLE=y dmesg shows plenty of data

netconsole output and kernel .config attached.

To provoke the memory corruption 'stress' is a good tool. stress -m2 --vm-bytes
915M provokes the corruption easily and --vm-bytes 915M is small enough to not
provoke the OOM killer on my G4 DP with its' 2 CPUs and 2 GiB RAM.

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