[PATCH v8 1/3] riscv: Introduce CONFIG_RELOCATABLE

Andreas Schwab schwab at linux-m68k.org
Wed May 10 05:07:49 AEST 2023

That does not work with UEFI booting:

Loading Linux 6.4.0-rc1-1.g668187d-default ...
Loading initial ramdisk ...
Unhandled exception: Instruction access fault
EPC: ffffffff80016d56 RA: 000000008020334e TVAL: 0000007f80016d56
EPC: ffffffff002d1d56 RA: 00000000004be34e reloc adjusted
Unhandled exception: Load access fault
EPC: 00000000fff462d4 RA: 00000000fff462d0 TVAL: ffffffff80016d56
EPC: 00000000802012d4 RA: 00000000802012d0 reloc adjusted

Code: c825 8e0d 05b3 40b4 d0ef 0636 7493 ffe4 (d783 0004)
UEFI image [0x00000000fe65e000:0x00000000fe6e3fff] '/efi\boot\bootriscv64.efi'
UEFI image [0x00000000daa82000:0x00000000dcc2afff]

Andreas Schwab, schwab at linux-m68k.org
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