[RFC PATCH 4/4] powerpc/64: Remove support for kernel's built with ELFv1 ABI

Nicholas Piggin npiggin at gmail.com
Tue May 9 18:25:18 AEST 2023

On Fri May 5, 2023 at 6:49 PM AEST, Christophe Leroy wrote:
> Le 05/05/2023 à 09:18, Nicholas Piggin a écrit :
> > User code must still support ELFv1, e.g., see is_elf2_task().
> > 
> > This one should wait a while until ELFv2 fallout settles, so
> > just posting it out of interest.
> Can't ELFv1 user code run on an ELFv2 kernel ?

Yes it can and that's what ELFv2 BE kernels do because most BE userspace
is ELFv1 (although some are using ELFv2 BE).

By ELFv2 fallout I mean bugs and toolchain problems that might get
discovered after we flip the default. I think it would be good to keep
the ELFv1 option around for a few releases to help testing such issues,
the revert will probably pick up conflicts. Maybe that's being too


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