[PASEMI NEMO] Boot issue with the PowerPC updates 6.4-1

Michael Ellerman mpe at ellerman.id.au
Mon May 8 22:49:54 AEST 2023

"Linux regression tracking #adding (Thorsten Leemhuis)"
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Patch is in testing.



> On 02.05.23 04:22, Christian Zigotzky wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Our PASEMI Nemo board [1] doesn't boot with the PowerPC updates 6.4-1 [2].
>> The kernel hangs right after the booting Linux via __start() @
>> 0x0000000000000000 ...
>> I was able to revert the PowerPC updates 6.4-1 [2] with the following
>> command: git revert 70cc1b5307e8ee3076fdf2ecbeb89eb973aa0ff7 -m 1
>> After a re-compiling, the kernel boots without any problems without the
>> PowerPC updates 6.4-1 [2].
>> Could you please explain me, what you have done in the boot area?
>> Please find attached the kernel config.
> Thanks for the report. To be sure the issue doesn't fall through the
> cracks unnoticed, I'm adding it to regzbot, the Linux kernel regression
> tracking bot:
> #regzbot ^introduced e4ab08be5b4902e5
> #regzbot title powerpc: boot issues on PASEMI Nemo board
> #regzbot ignore-activity
> This isn't a regression? This issue or a fix for it are already
> discussed somewhere else? It was fixed already? You want to clarify when
> the regression started to happen? Or point out I got the title or
> something else totally wrong? Then just reply and tell me -- ideally
> while also telling regzbot about it, as explained by the page listed in
> the footer of this mail.
> Developers: When fixing the issue, remember to add 'Link:' tags pointing
> to the report (the parent of this mail). See page linked in footer for
> details.
> Ciao, Thorsten (wearing his 'the Linux kernel's regression tracker' hat)
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