[PATCH v8 7/7] PCI: Work around PCIe link training failures

Maciej W. Rozycki macro at orcam.me.uk
Mon May 8 04:33:16 AEST 2023

On Thu, 4 May 2023, Bjorn Helgaas wrote:

> On Thu, Apr 06, 2023 at 01:21:31AM +0100, Maciej W. Rozycki wrote:
> > Attempt to handle cases such as with a downstream port of the ASMedia 
> > ASM2824 PCIe switch where link training never completes and the link 
> > continues switching between speeds indefinitely with the data link layer 
> > never reaching the active state.
> We're going to land this series this cycle, come hell or high water.

 Thank you for coming back to me and for your promise.  I'll strive to 
address your concerns next weekend.

 Unfortunately a PDU in my remote lab has botched up and I've lost control
over it (thankfully not one for the RISC-V machine affected by the patch 
series, so I can still manage it for reboots, etc., but the botched PDU is 
actually upstream), so depending on how situation develops I may have to 
book air travel instead and spend the whole weekend getting things back to 
normal operation at my lab.  That unit was not supposed to fail, not in 
such a silly way anyway, sigh...


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