[PATCH 0/4] powerpc/64: ELFv2 conversion

Michael Ellerman mpe at ellerman.id.au
Fri May 5 22:21:15 AEST 2023

Christophe Leroy <christophe.leroy at csgroup.eu> writes:
> Le 05/05/2023 à 09:18, Nicholas Piggin a écrit :
>> This series has the steps to remove ELFv1 from the kernel build.
>> Patch 1 is a build fix, 2 defaults everything to ELFv2, 3 is
>> really a separate issue that concerns userspace. 4 removes v1
>> support.
> I see CONFIG_MPROFILE_KERNEL is restricted to LITTLE_ENDIAN. Is that 
> correct ? Don't we have mprofile_kernel as well on BIG ENDIAN once 
> switched to ABI v2 ? If so, can we drop the -pg based profiling 
> completely, or is CLANG still not supporting mprofile_kernel ?

Clang does not support -mprofile-kernel.

AIUI they would like us to switch to -fpatchable-function-entry which
could then be supported on GCC & clang.

That would be a nice cleanup but also a bunch of work that no one has
found time to do.


So for now we need to keep the -pg based version.


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