[PATCH] objtool: Make 'sec-address' always on

Christophe Leroy christophe.leroy at csgroup.eu
Sat Jun 24 18:32:50 AEST 2023

Le 22/06/2023 à 08:31, Josh Poimboeuf a écrit :
> On Wed, Jun 21, 2023 at 05:20:31PM +0200, Christophe Leroy wrote:
>> Most of the time objtool warnings are useless without the
>> absolute address within the section.
>> Today there is --sec-address option to get it printed, but
>> that option is nowhere used and requires a change in Makefile
>> to use it.
>> Having the address inside the section at all time in addition
>> to the address within the object doesn't hurt and will help.
>> Remove the --sec-address option and print it at all time.
> This option actually feels like clutter to me.  The func+offset format
> works fine, combined with scripts like objdump-func and faddr2line.  And
> we also have a new OBJTOOL_VERBOSE=1 option which auto-disassembles the
> affected function.
> On x86 we've been using func+offset for console stack traces for many
> years, due to KASLR.  So maybe we're just more used to it.  But the
> scripts make it fine.

Ah right, I didn't know that script, I was struggling with objtool -dr

Therefore the patch is not needed, and neither is the --sec-address 
option, maybe we can remove it completely.

> Also it helps with identifying the same warning across different
> configs/compilers.

Good point.


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