[kvm-unit-tests PATCH 0/2] Rework LDFLAGS and link with noexecstack

Thomas Huth thuth at redhat.com
Fri Jun 23 22:54:14 AEST 2023

I noticed that the latest version of ld (in Fedora rawhide) emits
a warning on x86 and s390x, complaining about missing .note.GNU-stack
section that implies an executable stack. It can be silenced by
linking with "-z noexecstack".

While trying to add this switch globally to the kvm-unit-tests, I
had to discover that the common LDFLAGS are hardly used anywhere,
so the first patch cleans up that problem first before adding the
new flag in the second patch.

Thomas Huth (2):
  Rework the common LDFLAGS to become more useful again
  Link with "-z noexecstack" to avoid warning from newer versions of ld

 Makefile                | 2 +-
 arm/Makefile.common     | 2 +-
 powerpc/Makefile.common | 2 +-
 s390x/Makefile          | 2 +-
 x86/Makefile.common     | 4 ++--
 5 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)


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