[PATCH v2 06/12] mm/execmem: introduce execmem_data_alloc()

Kent Overstreet kent.overstreet at linux.dev
Mon Jun 19 12:12:05 AEST 2023

On Mon, Jun 19, 2023 at 02:43:58AM +0200, Thomas Gleixner wrote:
> Kent!

Hi Thomas :)

> No. I am not.


> Whether that's an internal function or not does not make any difference
> at all.

Well, at the risk of this discussion going completely off the rails, I
have to disagree with you there. External interfaces and high level
semantics are more important to get right from the outset, internal
implementation details can be cleaned up later, within reason.

And the discussion on this patchset has been more focused on those
external interfaces, which seems like the right approach to me.

> > ... I made the same mistake reviewing Song's patchset...
> Songs series had rough edges, but was way more data structure driven
> and palatable than this hackery.

I liked that aspect of Song's patchset too, and I'm actually inclined to
agree with you that this patchset might get a bit cleaner with more of
that, but really, this semes like just quibbling over calling convention
for an internal helper function.

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