[PATCH v2 07/23] mips: update_mmu_cache() can replace __update_tlb()

Hugh Dickins hughd at google.com
Fri Jun 16 07:22:15 AEST 2023

On Thu, 15 Jun 2023, Nathan Chancellor wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 14, 2023 at 10:43:30PM -0700, Hugh Dickins wrote:
> > 
> > I do hope that you find the first fixes the breakage; but if not, then
> I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the first patch did not fix the
> breakage, I see the same issue.


> > I even more fervently hope that the second will, despite my hating it.
> > Touch wood for the first, fingers crossed for the second, thanks,
> Thankfully, the second one does. Thanks for the quick and thoughtful
> responses!


Thanks a lot, Nathan.  I'll set aside my disappointment and curiosity,
clearly I'm not going to have much of a future as a MIPS programmer.

I must take a break, then rush Andrew the second patch, well, not
exactly that second patch, since most of that is revert: I'll just
send the few lines of replacement patch (with a new Subject line, as
update_mmu_cache() goes back to being separate from __update_tlb()).

Unless you object, I'll include a Tested-by: you.  I realize that
your testing is limited to seeing it running; but that's true of
most of the testing at this stage - it gets to be more interesting
when the patch that adds the rcu_read_lock() and rcu_read_unlock()
is added on top later.

Thanks again,

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