[PATCH v9 00/14] pci: Work around ASMedia ASM2824 PCIe link training failures

Maciej W. Rozycki macro at orcam.me.uk
Mon Jun 12 03:19:08 AEST 2023


 This is v9 of the change to work around a PCIe link training phenomenon 
where a pair of devices both capable of operating at a link speed above 
2.5GT/s seems unable to negotiate the link speed and continues training 
indefinitely with the Link Training bit switching on and off repeatedly 
and the data link layer never reaching the active state.

 With several requests addressed and a few extra issues spotted this
version has now grown to 14 patches.  It has been verified for device 
enumeration with and without PCI_QUIRKS enabled, using the same piece of 
RISC-V hardware as previously.  Hot plug or reset events have not been 
verified, as this is difficult if at all feasible with hardware in 

 Last iteration: 
and my input to it:


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