[RFC PATCH] powerpc/ftrace: Refactoring and support for -fpatchable-function-entry

Naveen N Rao naveen at kernel.org
Thu Jun 8 03:05:21 AEST 2023

Christophe Leroy wrote:
> Le 23/05/2023 à 11:31, Naveen N Rao a écrit :
>> Christophe Leroy wrote:
>> Ok, I simplified this further, and this is as close to the previous 
>> fast path as we can get (applies atop the original RFC). The only 
>> difference left is the ftrace_rec iterator.
> That's not better, that's even slightly worse (less than 1%).
> I will try to investigate why.

I have posted a follow-on RFC with the changes split up:

Hopefully, that will help narrow down the source of the regression.

- Naveen

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