[PATCH RFC v2 6/6] docs: powerpc: Document nested KVM on POWER

Gautam Menghani gautam at linux.ibm.com
Wed Jun 7 15:37:40 AEST 2023

On Mon, Jun 05, 2023 at 04:48:48PM +1000, Jordan Niethe wrote:
> From: Michael Neuling <mikey at neuling.org>

There are some minor typos in the documentation pointed out below

> +-------------------
> +
> +This is called to get state associated with an L2 (Guest-wide or vCPU specific).
> +This info is passed via the Guest State Buffer (GSB), a standard format as
> +explained later in this doc, necessary details below:
> +
> +This can set either L2 wide or vcpu specific information. Examples of

We are getting the info about vcpu here : s/set/get

> +------------------
> +
> +This is called to run an L2 vCPU. The L2 and vCPU IDs are passed in as
> +parameters. The vCPU run with the state set previously using

Minor nit : s/run/runs

> +H_GUEST_SET_STATE(). When the L2 exits, the L1 will resume from this
> +hcall.
> +
> +This hcall also has associated input and output GSBs. Unlike
> +H_GUEST_{S,G}ET_STATE(), these GSB pointers are not passed in as
> +parameters to the hcall (This was done in the interest of
> +performance). The locations of these GSBs must be preregistered using
> +the H_GUEST_SET_STATE() call with ID 0x0c00 and 0x0c01 (see table
> +below).
> +
> -- 
> 2.31.1

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