Passing the complex args in the GPR's

Umesh Kalappa umesh.kalappa0 at
Wed Jun 7 00:49:29 AEST 2023

Hi all ,

For the test case ,we see the mismatch
in the ABI b/w gcc and clang .

Do we have any supporting documents that second the GCC behaviour over CLANG ?

EABI states like

In the Power Architecture 64-Bit ELF V2 ABI Specification document
(v1.1 from 16 July 2015)

Page 53:

Map complex floating-point and complex integer types as if the
argument was specified as separate real
and imaginary parts.

and in this case the double complexes are broken down with double real
and double img and expected to pass in FPR not the GPR.

Thank you

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