[powerpc:merge] BUILD SUCCESS bd517a8442b6c6646a136421cd4c1b95bf4ce32b

kernel test robot lkp at intel.com
Sun Jun 4 23:18:58 AEST 2023

tree/branch: https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/powerpc/linux.git merge
branch HEAD: bd517a8442b6c6646a136421cd4c1b95bf4ce32b  Automatic merge of 'fixes' into merge (2023-06-02 23:36)

elapsed time: 741m

configs tested: 152
configs skipped: 7

The following configs have been built successfully.
More configs may be tested in the coming days.

tested configs:
alpha                            allyesconfig   gcc  
alpha                               defconfig   gcc  
alpha                randconfig-r003-20230604   gcc  
alpha                randconfig-r021-20230604   gcc  
alpha                randconfig-r032-20230604   gcc  
arc                              alldefconfig   gcc  
arc                              allyesconfig   gcc  
arc                                 defconfig   gcc  
arc                  randconfig-r043-20230604   gcc  
arc                           tb10x_defconfig   gcc  
arm                              allmodconfig   gcc  
arm                              allyesconfig   gcc  
arm                     davinci_all_defconfig   clang
arm                                 defconfig   gcc  
arm                           h3600_defconfig   gcc  
arm                        mvebu_v5_defconfig   clang
arm                        neponset_defconfig   clang
arm                         orion5x_defconfig   clang
arm                          pxa168_defconfig   clang
arm                  randconfig-r031-20230604   clang
arm                  randconfig-r034-20230604   clang
arm                  randconfig-r046-20230604   gcc  
arm                         s3c6400_defconfig   gcc  
arm                          sp7021_defconfig   clang
arm64                            allyesconfig   gcc  
arm64                               defconfig   gcc  
arm64                randconfig-r006-20230604   gcc  
arm64                randconfig-r025-20230604   clang
csky         buildonly-randconfig-r004-20230604   gcc  
csky                                defconfig   gcc  
csky                 randconfig-r001-20230604   gcc  
csky                 randconfig-r032-20230604   gcc  
hexagon              randconfig-r041-20230604   clang
hexagon              randconfig-r045-20230604   clang
i386                             allyesconfig   gcc  
i386         buildonly-randconfig-r003-20230604   gcc  
i386         buildonly-randconfig-r004-20230604   gcc  
i386                              debian-10.3   gcc  
i386                                defconfig   gcc  
i386                 randconfig-i001-20230604   gcc  
i386                 randconfig-i002-20230604   gcc  
i386                 randconfig-i003-20230604   gcc  
i386                 randconfig-i004-20230604   gcc  
i386                 randconfig-i005-20230604   gcc  
i386                 randconfig-i006-20230604   gcc  
i386                 randconfig-i051-20230604   gcc  
i386                 randconfig-i052-20230604   gcc  
i386                 randconfig-i053-20230604   gcc  
i386                 randconfig-i054-20230604   gcc  
i386                 randconfig-i055-20230604   gcc  
i386                 randconfig-i056-20230604   gcc  
i386                 randconfig-i061-20230604   gcc  
i386                 randconfig-i062-20230604   gcc  
i386                 randconfig-i063-20230604   gcc  
i386                 randconfig-i064-20230604   gcc  
i386                 randconfig-i065-20230604   gcc  
i386                 randconfig-i066-20230604   gcc  
loongarch                        allmodconfig   gcc  
loongarch                         allnoconfig   gcc  
loongarch                           defconfig   gcc  
loongarch            randconfig-r002-20230604   gcc  
loongarch            randconfig-r015-20230604   gcc  
loongarch            randconfig-r033-20230604   gcc  
m68k                             allmodconfig   gcc  
m68k         buildonly-randconfig-r002-20230604   gcc  
m68k                                defconfig   gcc  
microblaze   buildonly-randconfig-r002-20230604   gcc  
microblaze   buildonly-randconfig-r006-20230604   gcc  
mips                             allmodconfig   gcc  
mips                             allyesconfig   gcc  
mips                           ip32_defconfig   gcc  
mips                 randconfig-r002-20230604   clang
mips                 randconfig-r021-20230604   gcc  
mips                 randconfig-r024-20230604   gcc  
mips                 randconfig-r036-20230604   clang
mips                           xway_defconfig   gcc  
nios2                            alldefconfig   gcc  
nios2                               defconfig   gcc  
nios2                randconfig-r012-20230604   gcc  
nios2                randconfig-r026-20230604   gcc  
nios2                randconfig-r034-20230604   gcc  
openrisc     buildonly-randconfig-r001-20230604   gcc  
openrisc             randconfig-r003-20230604   gcc  
openrisc             randconfig-r013-20230604   gcc  
openrisc             randconfig-r033-20230604   gcc  
openrisc             randconfig-r035-20230604   gcc  
openrisc                 simple_smp_defconfig   gcc  
parisc       buildonly-randconfig-r006-20230604   gcc  
parisc                              defconfig   gcc  
parisc               randconfig-r004-20230604   gcc  
parisc               randconfig-r005-20230604   gcc  
parisc64                            defconfig   gcc  
powerpc                          allmodconfig   gcc  
powerpc                           allnoconfig   gcc  
powerpc                      katmai_defconfig   clang
powerpc                    klondike_defconfig   gcc  
powerpc                     ksi8560_defconfig   clang
powerpc                 mpc8313_rdb_defconfig   clang
powerpc                 mpc8315_rdb_defconfig   clang
powerpc                      pcm030_defconfig   gcc  
powerpc                      ppc6xx_defconfig   gcc  
powerpc              randconfig-r022-20230604   clang
powerpc              randconfig-r023-20230604   clang
powerpc              randconfig-r031-20230604   gcc  
powerpc                     tqm8541_defconfig   gcc  
powerpc                     tqm8555_defconfig   gcc  
powerpc                      tqm8xx_defconfig   gcc  
riscv                            allmodconfig   gcc  
riscv                             allnoconfig   gcc  
riscv                               defconfig   gcc  
riscv             nommu_k210_sdcard_defconfig   gcc  
riscv                randconfig-r001-20230604   gcc  
riscv                randconfig-r006-20230604   gcc  
riscv                randconfig-r025-20230604   clang
riscv                randconfig-r035-20230604   gcc  
riscv                randconfig-r042-20230604   clang
riscv                          rv32_defconfig   gcc  
s390                             allmodconfig   gcc  
s390                             allyesconfig   gcc  
s390                                defconfig   gcc  
s390                 randconfig-r011-20230604   clang
s390                 randconfig-r014-20230604   clang
s390                 randconfig-r022-20230604   clang
s390                 randconfig-r044-20230604   clang
sh                               allmodconfig   gcc  
sh                        apsh4ad0a_defconfig   gcc  
sh                          kfr2r09_defconfig   gcc  
sh                     magicpanelr2_defconfig   gcc  
sh                   randconfig-r005-20230604   gcc  
sh                           se7619_defconfig   gcc  
sh                        sh7763rdp_defconfig   gcc  
sparc                               defconfig   gcc  
sparc                randconfig-r004-20230604   gcc  
sparc                randconfig-r011-20230604   gcc  
sparc64                          alldefconfig   gcc  
sparc64              randconfig-r014-20230604   gcc  
um                             i386_defconfig   gcc  
um                           x86_64_defconfig   gcc  
x86_64                           allyesconfig   gcc  
x86_64       buildonly-randconfig-r005-20230604   gcc  
x86_64                              defconfig   gcc  
x86_64                                  kexec   gcc  
x86_64               randconfig-a001-20230604   gcc  
x86_64               randconfig-a002-20230604   gcc  
x86_64               randconfig-a003-20230604   gcc  
x86_64               randconfig-a004-20230604   gcc  
x86_64               randconfig-a005-20230604   gcc  
x86_64               randconfig-a006-20230604   gcc  
x86_64               randconfig-r036-20230604   gcc  
x86_64                               rhel-8.3   gcc  
xtensa               randconfig-r024-20230604   gcc  
xtensa                    xip_kc705_defconfig   gcc  

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