[PATCH 00/13] mm: jit/text allocator

Song Liu song at kernel.org
Fri Jun 2 10:36:21 AEST 2023

On Thu, Jun 1, 2023 at 3:13 AM Mike Rapoport <rppt at kernel.org> wrote:
> From: "Mike Rapoport (IBM)" <rppt at kernel.org>
> Hi,
> module_alloc() is used everywhere as a mean to allocate memory for code.
> Beside being semantically wrong, this unnecessarily ties all subsystmes
> that need to allocate code, such as ftrace, kprobes and BPF to modules
> and puts the burden of code allocation to the modules code.
> Several architectures override module_alloc() because of various
> constraints where the executable memory can be located and this causes
> additional obstacles for improvements of code allocation.
> This set splits code allocation from modules by introducing
> jit_text_alloc(), jit_data_alloc() and jit_free() APIs, replaces call
> sites of module_alloc() and module_memfree() with the new APIs and
> implements core text and related allocation in a central place.
> Instead of architecture specific overrides for module_alloc(), the
> architectures that require non-default behaviour for text allocation must
> fill jit_alloc_params structure and implement jit_alloc_arch_params() that
> returns a pointer to that structure. If an architecture does not implement
> jit_alloc_arch_params(), the defaults compatible with the current
> modules::module_alloc() are used.
> The new jitalloc infrastructure allows decoupling of kprobes and ftrace
> from modules, and most importantly it enables ROX allocations for
> executable memory.

This set does look cleaner than my version [1]. However, this is
partially because this set only separates text and data; while [1]
also separates rw data, ro data, and ro_after_init data. We need
such separation to fully cover module usage, and to remove
VM_FLUSH_RESET_PERMS. Once we add these logic to this
set, the two versions will look similar.

OTOH, I do like the fact this version enables kprobes (and
potentially ftrace and bpf) without CONFIG_MODULES. And
mm/ seems a better home for the logic.

That being said, besides comments in a few patches, this
version looks good to me. With the fix I suggested for patch
12/13, it passed my tests on x86_64 with modules, kprobes,
ftrace, and BPF.

If we decided to ship this version, I would appreciate it if I
could get more credit for my work in [1] and research work
before that.


[1] https://lore.kernel.org/lkml/20230526051529.3387103-1-song@kernel.org/

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