[PATCH v2 09/25] iommu/fsl_pamu: Implement an IDENTITY domain

Jason Gunthorpe jgg at nvidia.com
Fri Jun 2 06:17:35 AEST 2023

On Thu, Jun 01, 2023 at 08:53:41PM +0100, Robin Murphy wrote:
> On 2023-06-01 20:46, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> > On Thu, Jun 01, 2023 at 08:37:45PM +0100, Robin Murphy wrote:
> > > On 2023-05-16 01:00, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> > > > Robin was able to check the documentation and what fsl_pamu has
> > > > historically called detach_dev() is really putting the IOMMU into an
> > > > IDENTITY mode.
> > > 
> > > Unfortunately it was the other way around - it's the call to
> > > fsl_setup_liodns() from fsl_pamu_probe() which leaves everything in bypass
> > > by default (the PAACE_ATM_NO_XLATE part, IIRC), whereas the detach_device()
> > > call here ends up disabling the given device's LIODN altogether
> > 
> > Er, I see.. Let me think about it, you convinced me to change it from
> > PLATFORM, so maybe we should go back to that if it is all wonky.
> FWIW I was thinking more along the lines of a token nominal identity domain
> where attach does nothing at all...

I'm worried that would create security problems for VFIO.. At least
the driver currently wipes out the VFIO installed translation which
sounds like the right thing to do.

So, I think my first patch was right, we should label this
PLATFORM/PRIVATE/whatever and just leave it as is with some comments
explaining this thread. Based on the same rational as my prior email
that we should label things correctly and this detach_dev is doing


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