Add fchmodat2() - or add a more general syscall?

Aleksa Sarai cyphar at
Wed Jul 26 02:50:50 AEST 2023

On 2023-07-25, David Howells <dhowells at> wrote:
> Rather than adding a fchmodat2() syscall, should we add a "set_file_attrs()"
> syscall that takes a mask and allows you to set a bunch of stuff all in one
> go?  Basically, an interface to notify_change() in the kernel that would allow
> several stats to be set atomically.  This might be of particular interest to
> network filesystems.

Presumably looking something like statx(2) (except hopefully with
extensible structs this time :P)? I think that could also be useful, but
given this is a fairly straight-forward syscall addition (and it also
would resolve the AT_EMPTY_PATH issue for chmod as well as simplify the
glibc wrapper), I think it makes sense to take this and we can do
set_statx(2) separately?

Aleksa Sarai
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