[v3 1/2] PCI: layerscape: Add support for Link down notification

Frank Li Frank.li at nxp.com
Thu Jul 20 07:14:52 AEST 2023

On Wed, Jul 19, 2023 at 10:08:16PM +0200, Markus Elfring wrote:
> > Cover letter just annoise people here.
> How do you think about advices from another information source?
> See also:
> https://kernelnewbies.org/PatchSeries

"You may like to include a cover letter with your patch series."

Generally, I think cover letter will be needed only if it really
help reviewer to get main idea about patches. 

Such as my on going pathes(with cover letter):

Similar case without(cover leter) and accepted.

I don't think cover letter real help reviewer to review these two patches.

I more like to get "real problem"(such as comments about "typo").

It is just waste time to discuss if need add cover letter here.


> Regards,
> Markus

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