linux-next: Tree for Jul 13 (drivers/video/fbdev/ps3fb.c)

Bagas Sanjaya bagasdotme at
Wed Jul 19 22:36:46 AEST 2023

On 7/18/23 17:06, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> I'm missing something here:
> * What makes you think this is caused by bdb616479eff419? I didn't see
> anything in the thread that claims this, but I might be missing something
> * related: if I understand Randy right, this is only happening in -next;
> so why is bdb616479eff419 the culprit, which is also in mainline since
> End of June?

Actually drivers/video/fbdev/ps3bf.c only had two non-merge commits during
previous cycle: 25ec15abb06194 and bdb616479eff419. The former was simply
adding .owner field in ps3fb_ops (hence trivial), so I inferred that the
culprit was likely the latter (due to it was being authored by Thomas).

Thanks for the question.

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