[PATCH 3/4] mmu_notifiers: Call arch_invalidate_secondary_tlbs() when invalidating TLBs

Jason Gunthorpe jgg at ziepe.ca
Wed Jul 19 04:29:26 AEST 2023

On Tue, Jul 18, 2023 at 11:17:59AM -0700, Andrew Morton wrote:
> On Tue, 18 Jul 2023 17:56:17 +1000 Alistair Popple <apopple at nvidia.com> wrote:
> > The arch_invalidate_secondary_tlbs() is an architecture specific mmu
> > notifier used to keep the TLB of secondary MMUs such as an IOMMU in
> > sync with the CPU page tables. Currently it is called from separate
> > code paths to the main CPU TLB invalidations. This can lead to a
> > secondary TLB not getting invalidated when required and makes it hard
> > to reason about when exactly the secondary TLB is invalidated.
> > 
> > To fix this move the notifier call to the architecture specific TLB
> > maintenance functions for architectures that have secondary MMUs
> > requiring explicit software invalidations.
> > 
> > This fixes a SMMU bug on ARM64. On ARM64 PTE permission upgrades
> > require a TLB invalidation. This invalidation is done by the
> > architecutre specific ptep_set_access_flags() which calls
> > flush_tlb_page() if required. However this doesn't call the notifier
> > resulting in infinite faults being generated by devices using the SMMU
> > if it has previously cached a read-only PTE in it's TLB.
> This sounds like a pretty serious bug.  Can it happen in current
> released kernels?  If so, is a -stable backport needed?

There are currently no in-kernel drivers using the IOMMU SVA API, so
the impact for -stable is sort of muted. But it is serious if you are
unlucky to hit it.


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