Kernel Crash Dump (kdump) broken with 6.5

Sachin Sant sachinp at
Tue Jul 18 00:45:53 AEST 2023

Kdump seems to be broken with 6.5 for ppc64le.

[ 14.200412] systemd[1]: Starting dracut pre-pivot and cleanup hook...
[[0;32m OK [0m] Started dracut pre-pivot and cleanup hook.
Starting Kdump Vmcore Save Service...
[ 14.231669] systemd[1]: Started dracut pre-pivot and cleanup hook.
[ 14.231801] systemd[1]: Starting Kdump Vmcore Save Service...
[ 14.341035][297]: kdump: saving to /sysroot//var/crash//
[ 14.350053] EXT4-fs (sda2): re-mounted e971a335-1ef8-4295-ab4e-3940f28e53fc r/w. Quota mode: none.
[ 14.345979][297]: kdump: saving vmcore-dmesg.txt to /sysroot//var/crash//
[ 14.348742][331]: Cannot open /proc/vmcore: No such file or directory
[ 14.348845][297]: kdump: saving vmcore-dmesg.txt failed
[ 14.349014][297]: kdump: saving vmcore
[ 14.443422][332]: open_dump_memory: Can't open the dump memory(/proc/vmcore). No such file or directory
[ 14.456413][332]: makedumpfile Failed.
[ 14.456662][297]: kdump: saving vmcore failed, _exitcode:1
[ 14.456822][297]: kdump: saving the /run/initramfs/kexec-dmesg.log to /sysroot//var/crash//
[ 14.487002][297]: kdump: saving vmcore failed
[[0;1;31mFAILED[0m] Failed to start Kdump Vmcore Save Service.

6.4 was good. Git bisect points to following patch

commit 606787fed7268feb256957872586370b56af697a
    powerpc/64s: Remove support for ELFv1 little endian userspace

Reverting this patch allows a successful capture of vmcore.

Does this change require any corresponding change to kdump
and/or kexec tools?

- Sachin

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