[apparmor] [PATCH v2 08/92] fs: new helper: simple_rename_timestamp

Seth Arnold seth.arnold at canonical.com
Fri Jul 7 07:02:36 AEST 2023

On Wed, Jul 05, 2023 at 08:04:41PM -0400, Jeff Layton wrote:
> I don't believe it's an issue. I've seen nothing in the POSIX spec that
> mandates that timestamp updates to different inodes involved in an
> operation be set to the _same_ value. It just says they must be updated.
> It's also hard to believe that any software would depend on this either,
> given that it's very inconsistent across filesystems today. AFAICT, this
> was mostly done in the past just as a matter of convenience.

I've seen this assumption in several programs:

mutt buffy.c

  if (mailbox->newly_created &&
      (sb->st_ctime != sb->st_mtime || sb->st_ctime != sb->st_atime))
    mailbox->newly_created = 0;

neomutt mbox/mbox.c

  if (m->newly_created && ((st.st_ctime != st.st_mtime) || (st.st_ctime != st.st_atime)))
    m->newly_created = false;

screen logfile.c

  if ((!s->st_dev && !s->st_ino) ||             /* stat failed, that's new! */
      !s->st_nlink ||                           /* red alert: file unlinked */
      (s->st_size < o.st_size) ||               /*           file truncated */
      (s->st_mtime != o.st_mtime) ||            /*            file modified */
      ((s->st_ctime != o.st_ctime) &&           /*     file changed (moved) */
       !(s->st_mtime == s->st_ctime &&          /*  and it was not a change */
         o.st_ctime < s->st_ctime)))            /* due to delayed nfs write */

nemo libnemo-private/nemo-vfs-file.c

		/* mtime is when the contents changed; ctime is when the
		 * contents or the permissions (inc. owner/group) changed.
		 * So we can only know when the permissions changed if mtime
		 * and ctime are different.
		if (file->details->mtime == file->details->ctime) {
			return FALSE;

While looking for more examples, I found a perl test that seems to suggest
that at least Solaris, AFS, AmigaOS, DragonFly BSD do as you suggest:

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